Located near the eastern tip of Bali, Amed is roughly 100 km from the airport. It is also accessible to many temples, shrines, treks and is a gateway to the Gili Islands and Lombok

Activities - Traditional Making Process Salt

Arya Amed Beach Resort

Traditional salt making is a not-to-be-missed tourist attraction. Though the activity of salt making can only be seen during the dry season (from April to October), the best time to see this traditional salt making activity is around July and August.

The salt making process is a traditional Amed technique that can be summed up as follows:
First, the seawater is taken from the sea, then the seawater is poured on a specially prepared portion of land to increase the salt concentration of the soil. Next, the ground with the high salt concentration is leveled in order to allow the soil to dry evenly.

The drying process usually takes three days. After three days the salty soil is raked and filed into a bamboo cone then the salty soil inside the bamboo cone is pressed by walking on it.

After the salty soil becomes solid, the seawater is poured into the cone. The salty soil filters the sea water and the filtered sea water that is dripping from the cone is collected in a big palm tree trunk. The filtered sea water is then transferred to wooden drying pans made of palm tree trunks. The filtered seawater is allowed to evaporate under a hot tropical sun. The seawater evaporates leaving the salt crystals ready to be harvested.

This traditional salt making process is a favorite of tourists during the dry season.


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