Located near the eastern tip of Bali, Amed is roughly 100 km from the airport. It is also accessible to many temples, shrines, treks and is a gateway to the Gili Islands and Lombok

Activities - Cremation Ceremony "Ngaben"

Arya Amed Beach Resort & Dive Center

In the Balinese Cremation Ceremony, or Ngaben, the Balinese believe that each individual soul is reincarnated into many lifetimes, through numerous struggles and stages, until it achieves union with the divine. It is the duty of every Balinese Hindu to have children, in order to provide a vessel for the spirits of their ancestors to be reincarnated. A man does not become a full member of his Banjar (village council) until he becomes a father.

The Cremation Ceremony is the ritual performed to send the dead through the transition to his next life. The village Kul Kul, hanging in the tower of the village temple, sounds a certain beat to announce the departure of the deceased. The body of the deceased is placed at Bale Delod, as if he were sleeping, and the family continues to treat him as if he were still alive even though he is sleeping. No tears are shed, for his departure is merely temporary and he will reincarnate into the family once again.

The Priest consults the Dewasa to determine the proper day for the ceremony. On the day of the ceremony, the body of the deceased is placed inside a coffin which is then placed inside a sarcophagus in the form of a buffalo (called Lembu) or a temple structure called Wadah made of paper and light wood. The Wadah is carried to the village cremation site in a procession.

The climax of Ngaben is the burning of the Wadah, using fire originating from a holy source. The deceased is sent to his afterlife, to be reincarnated in the future.
Ngaben ceremonies are usually held every August, right in front of the Arya Amed Beach Resort. Each guest can enjoy the Ngaben ceremony by the sea near the Arya Amed Restaurant.


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